Freelance Projects

As a design professional with over 15 years of experience, I have a proven track record of delivering high-quality and innovative solutions for multi-platform projects across various sectors. 

I have worked with some of the world’s top agencies and clients, such as IBM, Amazon, and UNICEF, creating engaging and impactful communications that inspire and inform audiences using my Adobe Creative Suites and Figma expertise. I have a strong background in art and design, with qualifications from reputable institutions such as the University of the Arts London, Microsoft and Google, where I completed a professional certificate in UX design.

I am passionate about helping socially responsible organisations and individuals focusing on sustainability, empowerment of minorities and well-being. For my side projects, I have endeavoured a sustainable fashion brand and pop-up upcycling hub that gives old clothes a new life and spreads awareness of the importance of sustainability, which has appeared in central London’s major high streets like Regent Street and Selfridges in Oxford Street.

I am keen to collaborate with like-minded partners who share my mission and vision using my high expertise in Adobe Creative Suites and Figma, as well as generative AI tools for illustration and design.

Together with us, make a positive impact on:

Current project

yoUXme specialises in UX design with a humanistic people-centred approach, using a Google Professional Certificate in UX Design principle as a core.

Reflecting the beautiful Mandara art of the cyclical product design cycle, we strive to improve our theory and practices alongside our technology, culture and people as the journey goes on with an agile mind.


4649.REC is a sustainable fashion brand and pop-up upcycling hub to give old clothes a new life.

We creatively repurpose vintage kimonos passed down through a Japanese family into modern attire, strengthening family relationships, cultivating conversations, promoting deeper understanding and trust, and adding value to their cultural and societal heritage.

4649.REC - Upcycled Kimono Coat
©KTW Photography


Yoroshiku 4649 is a playful Japanese street wear brand based in London. The brand manufactures locally and works with creatives worldwide – contributing to the local economy and spreading love to the global community at the same time.

4649 merges the bold personality of hip hop with a cool streak of Zen and a playful dash of manga and kawaii, attracting attention from the lovers of both subcultures worldwide.

Yoroshiku 4649 - Green Camo Co-ords
©KTW Photography

2022 – Current

YouMe Tarot encourages you to tune into the mindfulness of the present moment using Tarot decks. Enjoy Tarot reading as a part of your self-care practice; an essential to functioning in our busy world. 

©Chanelle Antoinette Photography

Social and Environmental Missions:

Community building and opportunities • Mental health and wellbeing • Supporting other social enterprises/organisations • Elderly and disadvantages care • Financial exclusion • Social inclusion • Employment opportunities • International Development

Our Mission:

YouMe² exists to use creativity as a force to cultivate a positive impact on the well-being of people and the environment. We strive to keep the human touch in modern-day communication by giving loving attention and support to foster a digitally-enabled, resilient and inclusive society for people of all ages, across the globe.